About the Firm'sVirtualDesign


What makes a virtual law firm valuable to clients?

In contrast to a traditional brick-and-mortar firm, clients can access legal advice on a cloud-based, secure platform across all types of mobile devices without setting foot in an office.  Lower overhead for the firm translates into reasonably-priced services and streamlined communications.

Access to sophisticated tax and legal help is a serious problem for many entrepreneurs, military families and small businesses.  In offering a hybrid of tax and legal services, I hope to break down the barriers facing clients who would benefit from well-rounded counsel. 

The firm welcomes clients on-the-move who embrace modern technology in the pursuit of reaching life and business goals. 


The focus at McPhillips Law PLLC always is on client convenience, security, and vigilance to the highest standards of legal and tax practitioner ethical responsibilities. 

The virtual design of the firm provides access to appointments, advice, your documents, secure messaging, and online meetings all from the comfort of your mobile device using encrypted client portals and easy-to-use legal technology.


ONLINE Capable

Schedule appointments online, conduct online meetings, message and upload information from any device.


MOBILE Friendly

Designed to be responsive to all mobile devices, you can upload tax information and documents, review files, and meet with me on your smartphone or tablet.



Secure client portals for legal and tax clients featuring encryption, document retention, and backup systems.


Electronic Signatures

Sign documents and tax returns and annotate files using the firm's e-signature software on any device.


24/7 Connection

Log in to schedule appointments, review documents, or upload information via secure client portals 24/7.


Responsive Commitment

I am devoted to exceeding client expectations and appreciate feedback on all aspects of the firm's virtual process.

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Reliable Client Intake Process

Client matters are analyzed automatically for potential conflicts and jurisdictional issues from the very first time an appointment is scheduled. I will let you know ASAP if I cannot assist you due to a potential conflict or matter beyond my scope of practice or state bar admissions.

Advice in 5 STEPS

You pick an available time.  I send you the details on how to join an audio or video meeting.  Reschedule with a click if necessary.

After we agree on how I will help you, e-sign an engagement agreement with me detailing my services and fees.

I will send you an email invitation to login to the client portals.  We will use the portals to communicate and share documents.

Login to your client portals to securely upload relevant documents and information as requested through messages and tasks identified in our communications.

Review the results of tax and/or legal advice and e-sign any required documents to complete. 

Contact me during the year if you need any other advice!

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