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Advising Nonprofits on

Tax, Compliance & Operational Issues

I provide consulting for all types of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations at every lifecycle stage. Assistance is available to form the nonprofit, secure tax-exempt status, file annual information returns, register for charitable solicitation and advise on governance, joint ventures, fundraising and volunteer programs, among other issues. 

I am interested in discovering what inspires your nonprofit organization.  Then I will help you apply the often complex tax-exempt rules to real world everyday operations and strategic decisions.

I can provide seamless tax and legal support for your organization so you can fulfill your mission effectively.

I have served on nonprofit boards and as a volunteer for numerous organizations so I know the hard work and dedication it takes to run a nonprofit. In particular, I love working with military-related nonprofits that  encourage volunteerism, community philanthropy and increased opportunities for military spouses.


Formation, Operations, Filings, and More

Advice is available on the tax implications of every decision your nonprofit makes, from startup through annual return filings and beyond.



  • Applying for tax-exempt status
  • Examining state and local tax filing requirements
  • Filing required tax reports


  • Monitoring tax-exempt compliance
  • Charitable solicitation registration
  • Researching tax impact of operational decisions
  • Employment & payroll tax issues
  • Legal audits to ensure compliance

Tax Filings

  • Filing annual federal and state returns
  • Audit representation
  • Revocation and reinstatement issues

Formation & Operational Decisions

Handling Issues Over The
Nonprofit Lifecycle

Supporting the mission of nonprofit clients by analyzing and recommending solutions to formation, compliance, and tax return issues at both federal and state levels.

Startup Issues

  • Federal and state exemption requirements
  • Formation and governance documents
  • State and local registration requirements
  • Empoyment & compensation issues

Operating Issues

  • Charitable solicitation registration
  • Donor disclosure requirements
  • Unrelated business income issues
  • Excess benefit transaction analysis
  • Volunteer program management
  • Online fundraising & professional fundraisers
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When Issues Go Beyond Just Tax...

As an attorney with an LLM in Tax and an extensive background in litigation, I have the legal skills to handle research, analysis and opinions in order to represent your nonprofit when you need to make important decisions or when trouble arises.

Overseas Operations

Forming a US-Based Nonprofit
From Overseas?

Tax-Exempt Status

Assistance in navigating the tax-exempt filing process from overseas locations.

overseas activities

Analysis of federal and state implications of foreign nonprofit activities.


Continued tax and legal compliance support available.

Information Returns

Federal and State Tax
Information Returns & Annual Filings

Providing end-to-end federal and state tax filing services, from Form 990-series filings to state annual returns and registration paperwork.

  • Federal tax exempt organization filings (Form 990-series)
  • State annual returns
  • State and local registration filings
  • Audit representation
  • Fixing revocation and reinstatement issues
  • Late & amended returns
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