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Your time is precious.  Let me take on your tax questions, simplify and explain alternatives, and recommend a plan to solve the tax puzzles in your life. My training and research skills enable me to decipher complex tax issues quickly and find answers. 

My client base represents many different walks of life and professions.  Executives and attorneys come to me with their tax issues because I've been in their shoes and know how to handle compensation, property, and crucial tax planning scenarios.  I help digital nomads, entrepreneurs and creatives with thorny self-employment and foreign income issues. 

Complex Tax Issues?


Which state?

Researching state residency issues and filing obligations based on domicile and income source rules.

Property transactions

Computing gains, losses and adjusted basis from property sales, like-kind exchanges, rentals and vacation homes.

Business expenses

Determining deductibility of business, travel, home office, and employee expenses.

Self-Employment Taxes

Handling self-employment tax estimates, business expenses and qualified business income (QBI) deduction issues.

Divorce Consequences

Accounting for alimony, child support, other payments and property transfers made during the divorce process.

Tax credits

Confirming eligibility for tax credits and incentives under the current tax code.

Standing by to assist
military families, entrepreneurs, executives, creatives
with unique tax scenarios

I love learning about a client's industry, profession, and life experiences.  Among the firm's clients are military families, entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives.  As a lawyer, I may also be able to assist you with other legal issues that may arise.  Reach out to learn more about how I can help you be successful.



As a military spouse, I know firsthand how military life can complicate taxes. I will help you understand the tax laws that apply to your situation while you and your family continue to hold down the homefront and serve our country.

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My firm is tailored to work with entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and virtual business owners.  Tax advice is delivered on a secure, convenient, virtual platform while you continue to hustle.



Armed with 19 years of legal experience working with executives and global corporations and a Tax LLM, I know how you operate, what keeps you awake at night, and how to fix it.



Whether launching a nonprofit or business focused on design, marketing, social media, content creation, or photography, I can provide sophisticated tax advice on business formation and operational tax consequences.

Individual Taxes

What my clients say

I truly cannot say enough great things about McPhillips Law. Candice not only helped me navigate my way through our families tax situation, but she also helped me form my LLC from the ground up.
Military spouse & entrepreneur

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