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20+ Years Experience

Virtual Design

Cloud-Based Philosophy Focuses on Client Security and Convenience

The focus at McPhillips Law PLLC always is on client convenience, security, and vigilance to the highest standards of legal and ethical responsibilities. 


The firm’s cloud-based design provides access to appointments, advice, your documents, secure messaging, and online meetings all from the comfort of your mobile device using encrypted client portals and easy-to-use legal technology.

Client matters are analyzed automatically for potential conflicts and jurisdictional issues from the very first time an appointment is scheduled. You will be notified if the firm cannot assist you due to a potential conflict or matter beyond the firm’s scope of practice or state bar admissions.

Clients will experience an easy client intake process and enjoy secure access to client portals 24/7.   The firm’s technology is designed to be mobile-friendly and accessible on smartphones and tablets with encrypted systems.  Online meetings cut down on travel time to an office, and projects can be completed faster using document sharing and electronic signature capabilities. 

Advice in 5 Steps

1. Schedule a Consultation

After receiving a response to your client intake form, you will receive a link to schedule an audio or video meeting.  Reschedule with a click if necessary.

2. E-Sign Agreements

After we agree the firm can take on your matter, you will receive an engagement agreement to e-sign specifying services and fees.

3. Get Invited

You will receive an invitation to login to your client portals.  We will use the client portals to communicate and share documents securely.

4. Upload Relevant Information

Login to your client portals to securely upload relevant documents and information as requested through messages and tasks identified in our communications.

5. Review Advice

Review legal and tax advice provided and e-sign any required documents to complete the project.

Cloud-Based Benefits

From client intake to bill payment, clients are the focus.  The firm leverages convenient and secure technology to bring legal and tax advice to the client’s fingertips.

Online Capable

  • Schedule appointments online
  • Conduct online meetings
  • Secure messaging
  • Upload documents from any device

Mobile Friendly

  • Responsive to all mobile devices
  • Review files on any device
  • Secure messaging from any device
  • Online meetings from any device

Secure Access

  • Secure client portals
  • Encrypted file storage
  • Effective document retention
  • Confidence in sharing information

24/7 Connection

  • E-sign documents
  • 24/7 access to documents
  • Upload documents anytime
  • Commitment to responsiveness