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20+ Years Experience

Business Law

Advice for Startup & Emerging Businesses

The firm provides advice on business entity formation, state filing requirements, governance issues and a wide range of contractual issues.

Whether a business is just starting up or looking to grow, choosing the optimal business structure, complying with state requirements and achieving good governance practices are crucial.  In addition, both regular business operations and unique transactions require careful attention to detail on contractual matters.

The firm’s tax and litigation background enables the delivery of well-rounded business law advice to clients.   Business clients will benefit from advice concerning how to address tax implications of business decisions.  Moreover, the firm can adeptly pivot into developing strategies for avoiding and handling business disputes that may arise.

Consulting Process

1. Evaluate Objectives

Understand client objectives, business issues, and scope of services to be provided.

2. Gather Information

Collaborate to collect relevant information, including discussions with business stakeholders.

3. Research & Drafting

Conduct thorough and efficient research, followed by drafting requested documents or materials, all with client input in the review process.

4. Strategic Recommendations

Deliver strategic recommendations and alternative courses of action for client consideration.

5. Follow Through

Consider additional projects or assistance required to meet client business objectives.

Business Services

Business legal advice is delivered to clients efficiently through the firm’s cloud-based platform.  In assessing whether the firm is the right fit for a business law matter, the client’s location and applicable state law will determine if the firm can take on a matter.  

Entity Formation

Advice on choosing an entity type and formation requirements.

Governance Documents

Drafting all essential governance documents for entity startup.


Drafting and reviewing contracts to support all operational needs.

Dispute Resolution

Informal dispute resolution strategies and advocacy or courtroom litigation.