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Litigation Consulting

Litigation Consulting Services

McPhillips Law provides litigation consulting services on litigation matters and internal or government investigations for law firms and businesses.  The firm can act as outsourced in-house counsel to advise on litigation strategy and handle individual matters, saving the client money through cloud-based availability and technology.

From strategic litigation advice to case management, McPhillips Law has extensive experience with federal civil litigation practice and procedure as well as white collar criminal matters.  Candice has a broad range of trial experience both inside the courtroom and in the discovery and pretrial stages, including complex e-discovery disputes.  Candice also has experience in parallel civil and criminal domestic and international investigations. 

Cloud-based in-house counsel and case management saves the client money and time.  Effective team management, brief writing, electronic discovery, and witness preparation is highly efficient using cloud-based technology.  The focused approach McPhillips Law provides to all clients enables businesses to focus on the business while Candice manages the litigation side of the house.  

Outsourced In-House Counsel

1. Strategic Evaluation

High-level and detailed strategic case evaluation at all stages to assist in directing the team and providing reports to business leaders.

2. Team Management

Proactive and engaged team management for attorneys and support staff members to ensure efficient workflow and excellent performance.

3. Discovery & Pretrial

Assistance with all aspects of discovery and pretrial issues, including research, brief writing, e-discovery and expert witnesses.

4. Advisory Services

Advice on resolution tactics and long-term strategies for minimizing litigation footprint.

Litigation Services

McPhillips Law can manage active litigation matters in support of in-house counsel, external law firms, and  business clients.  Candice will manage all the moving pieces involved in complex litigation or investigation matters, including managing the attorney and support staff teams, workflow through all aspects of the case, and reports to business leaders.  Representation on individual matters for businesses is also available.

Strategic Advice

Advice on case strategy, fact and witness development, discovery practice, e-discovery and forensic evidence issues, trial prep, and appellate strategy.

Research & Analysis

Efficient and adept legal research on complex issues. In-depth factual analysis to support witness and trial prep.

Advocacy Writing

All types of advocacy writing, including legal briefs, mediation or arbitration statements, and adversarial or resolution-oriented correspondence.