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Nonprofit Tax

Advice for Tax-Exempt Organizations and New Nonprofits

Every nonprofit can benefit from a tax advisor who can keep track of all the compliance requirements imposed on tax-exempt organizations and alert the nonprofit to tax risks.  The firm provides a full range of tax advice and tax return preparation for nonprofits just starting out and established tax-exempt organizations. 

What inspires your nonprofit organization?  Your mission will be enhanced by the confidence that the firm is advising your organization on how to apply the often complex tax exempt rules to real-world everyday operations and strategic decisions. 

The firm enjoys working with military-related nonprofits that encourage volunteerism, community philanthropy and increased opportunities for military spouses.

Planning from Formation through Tax-Exemption

1. Incorporating the Nonprofit

Advice on state nonprofit incorporation procedures, governance documents, and annual filings.

2. Applying for Tax Exemption

Recommendations on tax-exempt types & assistance with Forms 1023, 1024, and 8976.

3. Handling State Tax Exemptions

State income and sales tax exemption filings, as well as charitable solicitation registration.

4. Late & Retroactive Exemption Issues

Late applications for tax-exemption seeking retroactive exemption & reinstatement of exemption after revocation.

Operational Compliance Issues

The firm can advise your nonprofit organization on a full gamut of tax issues impacting nonprofit activities, including governance issues, employment classification & compensation, overseas operations, donor disclosure, co-ventures, and thrift shops or gift shops.

  • Governance documents
  • Volunteer program policies
  • Advocacy & lobbying activities
  • Donor disclosure regulations
  • Corporate sponsorships & co-ventures
  • Thrift shops & gift shops
  • Classification of workers as employees or independent contractors
  • Accountable plans
  • Compensation and benefits

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Annual Information Returns

The firm has extensive experience preparing complicated returns and can represent the organization in controversy issues before the IRS.

  • Form 990-Series returns & schedules
  • State annual filings
  • Unrelated business income tax
  • Prior year and late returns
  • Reasonable cause & penalty analysis

Employer Returns

Employment tax calculations and exemptions can be difficult to analyze.  The firm can assist the organization in navigating federal and state rules.

  • Quarterly & annual employer returns (Forms 940, 941, 944, 945)
  • FICA & FUCA withholdings & exemptions
  • State return filing obligations
  • State workers comp & unemployment filings

Complex Filing & Exemption Issues

In addition to preparing annual federal and state information returns, as well as employer returns, the firm can advise on unrelated business income tax issues, prior year returns, and penalty analysis.

Focus on Military-Related Nonprofits

As a military spouse, Candice is familiar with military family, servicemember and veterans issues.  The firm welcomes the opportunity to help military-related nonprofits startup, grow, and learn about tax & nonprofit compliance.  Representative clients include:

  • 501(c) entities founded by military spouses 
  • Military spouse clubs operating thrift stores
  • 501(c) entities focused on mentoring new military spouses
  • Nonprofits focused on military issues

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