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Tax Advice for
Tax Exempt Organizations

Every nonprofit can benefit from a tax advisor who can keep track of all the compliance requirements imposed on tax-exempt organizations and alert the nonprofit to tax risks.  I provide a full range of tax advice and tax return preparation for nonprofits just starting out and established tax-exempt organizations. 

I am interested in discovering what inspires your nonprofit organization.  I will help you apply the often complex tax exempt rules to real world everyday operations and strategic decisions.  In particular, I love working with military-related nonprofits that encourage volunteerism, community philanthropy and increased opportunities for military spouses.


Tax Exempt Status

Planning from Formation
through Achieving Exemption

I will advise your nonprofit on entity choice, tax classification, and tax-exempt guidelines to build a plan to obtain tax exemption.

Tax Exemption Filings

  • Applications for tax exemption (Forms 1023, 1024, 8976)
  • State sales tax exemption filings
  • Charitable solicitation registration
  • Late or retroactive tax exemption issues

Tax Rules for Activities

  • Advocacy & lobbying activities
  • Donor disclosure regulations
  • Corporate sponsorships & co-ventures
  • Conflict of interest policies
  • Thrift stores & gift shops

Annual Information Returns

Form 990 Series Returns
and Complex Filing Issues

In addition to completing annual federal and state information returns, I can advise on unrelated business income tax issues, prior year returns, and penalty analysis.

Annual Returns

  • Form 990 series returns and schedules
  • State annual filings
  • Financial Statement analysis

Complex Filing Issues

  • Unrelated business income tax
  • Prior year and late returns
  • Reasonable cause and penalty analysis
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Nonprofit Organizations

What my clients say

Candice provided outstanding end to end legal advice for multiple years of nonprofit tax filings. Organized, patient, and approachable, Candice was a joy to work with. Provided me with the answers I needed to get the job done and protect our nonprofit. Would absolutely recommend her services to anyone needing competent, professional, and down to earth counsel in the area of tax law.
Kate Hudson
Treasurer, Ms. JD
McPhillips Law has provided me amazing guidance and service so that I can continue to lead Military Spouse Advocacy Network within compliance and be able to accomplish our mission. Thank you Candice so much for your services!
Verenice Castillo
Founder & President, Military Spouse Advocacy Network
Three Female Volunteers Workers In Charity Shop

Employment Tax Issues

Classification & Compensation
Issues and Filing Obligations

If your nonprofit has employees or independent contractors, I can help with classification, compensation and benefits issues as well as employer return filing obligations.

Classification & Compensation

  • Classification of workers as employees or independent contractors
  • Compensation of Board members and volunteers
  • Benefits issues

Employer Returns

  • Quarterly and annual employer returns (Forms 940, 941, 944, 945)
  • FICA & FUCA withholdings & exemptions
  • State return filing obligations

Focus on Military-Related Nonprofits

As a military spouse, I am familiar with military family, servicemember and veteran issues. I enjoy helping military-related nonprofits startup, grow, and learn about tax & nonprofit compliance.

Representative Clients

  • Military spouse club running a successful thrift store on an overseas military base
  • 501(c)(3) startup founded by a military spouse to support military families
  • Established 501(c)(3) run by a group of military spouses focused on mentoring new spouses

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