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20+ Years Experience

Nonprofit Law

Advising Nonprofits on Tax, Compliance & Operational Issues

McPhillips Law advises all types of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations at every lifecycle stage.  The firm provides seamless tax and legal support so that the nonprofit organization can fulfill its mission effectively.

Assistance is available to form the nonprofit entity, secure tax-exempt status, and comply with charitable solicitation and other state regulatory requirements.  In addition, the firm advises nonprofits on governance issues, joint ventures, fundraising and volunteer programs.

Candice has served on nonprofit boards and as a volunteer for numerous nonprofits.  In particular, Candice enjoys working with military-related nonprofits that encourage volunteerism, community philanthropy and increased leadership opportunities for military spouses.  Having lived overseas, Candice is also familiar with the unique issues faced by U.S. tax-exempt organizations operating overseas and can provide critical guidance on operating globally. 

Formation, Operations, Filings & More

The firm advises nonprofits on the tax and legal implications of every decision the nonprofit makes, from startup and beyond.



Applying for tax-exempt status, examining state and local filing requirements, and filing required tax and regulatory reports.


Monitoring tax-exempt compliance, charitable solicitation registration, operational decisions, employment & payroll tax issues.

Handling Issues Over the Nonprofit Lifecycle

Startup Issues

Guiding nonprofits through idea formation, entity selection, state and federal exemption requirements, and governance documentation issues.

State entity and incorporation

Governance documents

Federal and state tax-exemption filings

State and local registration requirements

Employment and compensation issues

Operational Issues

Analysis and recommendations for operational decisions and compliance issues.

Charitable solicitation registration

Donor disclosure requirements

Unrelated business income issues

Excess benefit transaction analysis

Volunteer program management

Online fundraising and professional fundraisers