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20+ Years Experience

Tax Consulting

Tax Advice for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits

McPhillips Law provides complex analysis and research of tax issues impacting businesses and nonprofits at the enterprise level. 

Nearly two decades of BigLaw litigation experience handling bet-the-company cases and a masters in tax law drive the power behind the firm’s skills in analytical tax consulting projects.

The firm focuses on advising small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as nonprofit entities. Tax consulting is critical for startups and fast-paced businesses, including online retailers, technology companies and small law firms. 

Consulting Process

1. Needs Assessment

Consult in-depth to assess the advice you are seeking and recommend a course of action for analysis.

2. Fact Gathering

Gather documents and information relevant to analyzing your situation using a secure, encrypted client portal.

3. Strategy Recommendations

Deliver tailored strategy recommendations and proposed solutions to your tax issues.

4. Follow Through

Assist in implementing chosen recommendations and strategies to enable your business or nonprofit to be successful.

Consulting Options

The firm offers advice for businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits.  Read more information about the firm’s focus in each area by reviewing the snapshots below.  Click to visit targeted pages with additional details.

Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Advice geared toward startups and small businesses.
  • Pass-through entities like LLCs, S-Corps, and Partnerships
  • State and local tax (SALT) obligations & analysis
  • Employee classification & benefits issues
  • Business expense & deduction strategies
  • Real & intangible property
  • Business transaction planning & due diligence

Consulting services for issues from startup through liquidation, with a special focus on pass-through entities and online businesses.


Advice from formation through tax-exemption and beyond.
  • Federal & state tax exemption applications
  • Thrift shop & gift shop tax treatment analysis
  • Payroll tax obligations analysis
  • Unrelated business income tax issues

Full range of tax advice and consulting services for nonprofits just starting out and established tax-exempt organizations.