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Get Organized for Tax Season 2019

The 2019 tax return season is upon us!  Now is the perfect time to get a jump start on getting organized for preparing your tax returns. 

The most important items to focus on when compiling your 2019 tax documents are items that have changed this year compared to last year.  Those new or changed items may impact your 2019 tax situation. 

Some of the life changes to look out for include:

  • You got married or divorced
  • You had or adopted a child or changed the number of your dependents
  • You changed jobs or income
  • You started a business
  • You retired
  • You made early withdrawals from a retirement account
  •  You sold substantial assets like stock or a house
  • You inherited substantial funds or assets
  • You rented out a property
  • You moved to a new state as a military spouse
  • You moved to a foreign country

Use this Checklist to help get organized

1. Make Tax Folders

2. Reconcile Books & Accounts

3. Business Expenses

4. Family Expenses

5. Rental Properties

6. Sale or Purchase of Home

7. Federal & State Tax Agency Communications

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